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I'm trying to install specific PyTorch version under conda env: Using pip: pip3 install pytorch==1.0.1 WARNING: pip is being invoked by an old script wrapper. This will fail in a future version of. PyTorch and MindSpore¶ Mapping between TensorFlow APIs and MindSpore APIs, which is provided by the community. There may be differences in parameters, inputs, outputs, logic functions, and specific scenarios. For details, see the description of each API or the difference comparison provided. 3. SyncBatchNormPyTorch 实现. 3.1 forward. 3.2 backward. 1. BatchNorm 原理. BatchNorm 最早在全连接网络中被提出,对每个神经元的输入做归一化。扩展到 CNN 中,就是对每个卷积核的输入做归一化,或者说在 channel 之外的所有维度做归一化。 BN 带来的好处有很多,这里简单. gd, gw는 신경망의 크기와 상관이 있는데, yolov5s (small)은 0.33, 0.55이지만, yolov5x의 경우 1.33,1.25이다. 즉 gd (깊이),gw (넓이)가 클수록 모델이 전체적으로 크다는 소리. number of output no는 na* (nc+5)로 되어 있는데, 이는 각 anchor box당 nc+5개의 값을 가지는 것.